The Aquema-Gaydar

The Aquema Gaydar answers your question, “Am I lesbian?

With our test we would like to help you finding out if you are lesbian, bisexual or heterosexual.

Since the topic is obviously on your heart, we take your request very seriously, spiking it with a pinch of humor to help you navigate through the questionnaire more easily.

We have put together a questionnaire with 25 questions (a mix of scientific questions and less serious questions that reflect our “gaydar”). At the end you will get our (semi-scientific) assessment of your current sexual orientation.

Our gaydar will classify you into one of these three categories:

  1. exclusively or predominantly heterosexual
  2. bisexual
  3. exclusively or predominantly homosexual

We want to evaluate the results in a scientific context. For this reason, every answer will be saved (no IP address, so that we can not identify you). By taking the test, we assume that you agree to the storage of your answers. Please see our privacy policy.

There’s one thing we want you to know: Sexual orientation is not a stable thing and can change in the course of your life (and even within a few days). Prof. Lisa M. Diamond has been researching the fluidity of sexual orientation for years.

Furthermore, sexual orientation is not an either/or. It is rather on a continuum between exclusively heterosexual and exclusively homosexual. The Kinsey scale describes this continuum with 6 or 7 categories (asexual).

You can find more information about the Kinsey scale on Wikipedia.