Are you lesbian?

Have you ever dreamed that you got close to another woman (e.g. kissing, touching, caressing)?
Would you like to be like other women?
Are you more athletic than other women your age?
Have you ever been in love with your female teacher/coach?
Have you ever been in love with your male teacher/coach?
Are you a craftswoman and do you enjoy assembling things (DIY)?
With whom do you prefer having sex?
Do you have short hair?
Do you feel comfortable in dresses / skirts?
Do you have tattoos?
Do you have piercings (normal earrings do not count)?
When you see a heterosexual couple on the street, do you look at the woman or the man?
Who did you have sex with last year?
Do you vape / smoke e-cigarette?
Do you like wearing flannel/lumberjack shirts?
Do you like shopping at the hardware store?
Do you enjoy playing video games (Playstation, PC, Xbox, etc.)?
Who were you attracted to last year?
Are you wearing a thumb ring?
Do you play or used to play a ball sport (e.g., soccer, handball, basketball, etc.)?
Would you like to have more muscles?
Do you like wearing vests?
Do you like wearing sports bras?
Would you like to have bigger breasts?
Finally: In which category would you most likely place yourself at the moment?
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