Community guidelines

Welcome to our rainbow community.

We are all in the same boat and should therefore treat each other nicely, honestly and respectfully. If you feel the same way, then you are most welcome here with us.

We want female user to be able to express themselves freely and openly as long as they do not insult, humiliate or discriminate against others. We ask you to be considerate, think before you write or do anything, and follow our community guidelines both online and offline.

We recommend that you read our safety tips for online and offline dating.

Contribute to a strong community

Each of us is an important part of our rainbow community.

If you notice something that you think violates our guidelines, please help us by using our integrated reporting option.

We review these reports as soon as possible and remove content or profiles that violate our guidelines.

We have listed our community guidelines below.

If you violate our guidelines, you may be excluded from Aquema.

1. Private information

Please do not publish any private information, neither your own nor those of other users.

This includes contact information such as telephone numbers, email addresses and private/business addresses, passwords, financial data, full names.

2. One person = one account

One account is intended for only one user.

So do not register an account together with your girlfriend or any other involved person.

3. Identity theft

Do not pretend to be someone else! This means, do not represent yourself as another person or entity. Do not feign false affiliation, connection or connection with another person or entity. This also includes parody accounts.

4. Fraud

We pursue a zero tolerance strategy for fraudulent behaviour of any kind.

Anyone who attempts to obtain private data (including bank details) of other users for fraudulent or illegal activities will be blocked.

5. Harassment

Do not deliberately insult or harass other users and do not encourage others to do so.

This also includes the unsolicited sending of sexual content. We take reports of stalking, threats, bullying or intimidation very seriously.

6. Nudity/sexual content

We are a legit dating app. Therefore, we do not accept nudity, sexually implicit content and no listing of your sexual desires in your profile description.

Please keep your profile G-rated.

7. Spam

Do not use Aquema to lure user to external websites via link(s) or in any other way.

8. Advertising and acquisition

Advertising for the users is prohibited on Aquema.

You can invite users to do something. However, if the purpose of your profile is to promote your events or business activities, non-profit or political campaigns or competitions or to conduct surveys, we may delete your account.

9. Underage persons

You must be at least 18 years old to use the Aquema app.

Sure, you want to meet other women as soon as possible and not miss out on anything. But you can follow us on our social media channels (InstagramFacebookTwitter, YouTube) until you are 18 years old – and even beyond.

We also do not allow pictures of unaccompanied minors. If you want to publish pictures of your children, please make sure that you are shown on the photos. Nevertheless we would appreciate it if you do not publish any pictures of minors or send pictures of minors in the chat.

If you see a profile that depicts a minor, advocates harm to minors or depicts a minor in a sexual or offensive manner, please report the profile to us immediately!

10. Male user and threesomes

Sorry, but we are a closed community and only for single women.

This means that if you are male or a hetero- or homosexual couple who would like to have some variety with a queer woman, you can be reported by other users and excluded from the app by us.

Our users are looking for a steady relationship with a woman! There are other apps and services for the above mentioned persons. Free love, polyamory or open relationship? Great, but not with us and will be removed from our app.

11. Violence and assault

We absolutely do not tolerate cruel, violent or bloodthirsty content on Aquema. We also do not tolerate any actions or content that glorify or advocate violence of any kind, including threats or promotion of terrorism. Assault, coercion and any form of violence are strictly prohibited.

Content that advocates or glorifies suicide or self-injury is also prohibited!

12. Illegal use

Do not use Aquema for illegal things.

If it’s illegal in real life, it’s also illegal here.

13. Copyright and trademark infringement

If you are not the author, do not publish it (e.g. photos, logos).

If your profile contains works that others hold copyright or trademark rights to, do not show it unless you are authorized to do so.